The mission of the Franklin International Indie Film Festival (FIIFF) is to celebrate independent film, discover new creative forces in the industry and to promote Middle Tennessee as an outstanding  location for award winning projects to thrive. 

On behalf of Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission, the greater Williamson County and Nashville community,  Tennessee Entertainment Commission, our sponsors, staff and volunteers, Welcome to the 2019 FIIFF. For our community of filmmakers, filmworkers, Television and NewMedia makers, we bring together collaborators as  well as many industry influencers of today. With talk-back opportunities after each film block with the filmmakers, the audience can get to know the perspective and process of each.  Our panels and workshops provide usuable information and honest answers to help creatives move ahead on their journey.

The 2018 film entries incorporated stories based on universal challenges such as relationships, the family, the environment, diversity, and how we live in our worlds today...humanity is recognized and celebrated at FIIFF. We screened 81 films from 14 countries with 12 international filmmakers in the audience.  There is something for everyone here.

 As many know, Franklin is a place where Celebrities & Music Stars often collide with a friendly  local crowd.  

Any questions? Please feel free to call 615-56-3771

promoting the arts is our mission

Autumn 2019 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Historic Franklin, TN

WCCAC partners with Sister Cities of Franklin & Williamson County annually to  present the Celebration of Nations' festival in downtown Franklin, TN. The goal of this annual event is to engage the community and create global and cultural passion, beginning with a personal knowledge and understanding of the interconnectedness of people all over the world.  We believe one way to accomplish this goal is through genuine artistic and sensory representations of various nations which features artists of many disciplines, accompanied by international musical influences different products and techniques used around the world. Truly a unique, multi-cultural event, the vendors and participants are encouraged to represent the culture and flavors of our diverse global population. 
The event takes place in historic downtown Franklin on 4th Avenue South (in front of the parking garage) and the connecting alley from 4th Avenue to the Historic Williamson County Courthouse.  Multiple Stage areas are designated to feature music and dance from around the globe  and will be seen and heard throughout the day. 

Ethnic Food and beverages from a variety of nations will also be available.for purchase. A variety of international beers and wines from different countries will be available for sale individually starting at 12:00.  The rest of the festival’s activities are free and open to the public. 

  If you are interested in becoming a vendor, exhibitor and/or a performer at any of our events, please click on this link and someone will reach out to you. 


Franklin International Independent Film Festival


        August 14-18, 2019      

We believe our community is enriched by increased exposure to the excellence of cultural arts. We support OUR member artists in all genre. We support all Spaces Public and Private where  art is taught, expressed in all its forms, curated and displayed. we believe Creativity is a currency that keeps on giving. We look forward to sharing our mission with you.                           

The mission of Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission is to promote development, accessibility, and excellence of cultural arts in our world. The arts not only record our history and glorify the remarkable unifying spirit that is uniquely human but serve as a critical path of our success as a culture. As a part of our mission, the WCCAC is dedicated to encouraging the creative spirit and making its expression more readily available to everyone in our community. It is also our desire to acknowledge and promote excellence in cultural Arts. We welcome everyone.